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Gabriel Le Mar – Shared Fictions


Artist: Gabriel Le Mar

Gabriel Le Mar is a producer who lives in Frankfurt / Germany. 

In 2018 he opened the main stage at OZORA festival with U-F-O (United-For-Ozora) with Saafi Brothers and X-Dream forming a new band exclusively for this event. With numerous stunning and successful albums to his name, Gabriel Le Mar is one talented gent.

Those of you who have had the pleasure to be musically blessed by one of Gabriel’s sets will know, he has a vibe that is incredibly addictive. He truly “gets it”. 

20th April 2020 his new album ‘Shared Fictions’ was released. This is a limited edition double CD that comes with a bonus disk ‘Shared Fictions – Beatless Mixes’. They feature 8 tracks on each disc.

In Gabriel’s own words:

“Shared Fictions“ is about the ability of magical thinking, the power of imagination, and the beauty of creating from it.”


The opening track “Journey Within” sets the pace for this alluring yet unpressurised and spacious journey. By track 3 “Stay in Wonderland”, Gabriel brings you into a true groove. The funk and the dub flex really easing into the set. By track 5 “City of Thoughts” you glide into the beauty of chill out with a welcome tribal calling to its nature and sound. Track 6 “World Tree” brings the visuals back in. The focus. It’s a mixture of feelings with trip hop, dub and a variation of sounds. The whole album allows you to grow.

SHARED FICTIONS – “Beatless Mixes”

This album brings about a calming of the mind. A restful meditational journey that welcomes you to join the flow. As it progresses it lifts you up into nature. Track 3 “World Tree” brings hints and echos of reggae dub into the mix. The notes are delicately chosen throughout this whole album and supported by a deep and present baseline that gives you what you need yet doesn’t over power. As you reach track 4; “Journey Within” where before the space let your mind wonder, now the feeling starts to bring you together, you start to find your focus. Electronic vibrations gently massaging the mind bringing you into the heart of what this album is about. As the album progresses through the stillness and the wonderment, the final track on this eight track journey, “Stay in Wonderland (Trippy Beatless Mix) will leave you with a rhythm in your step. You are restored.

Gabriel has an excellence in keeping his music connected to nature through the deeply electronic vibrations that he creates. He lets the light in. Reaching out in cinematic scapes and allowing you to shift into the views.

Whether you are enjoying a glass of wine in the late afternoon sunshine, require some welcome meditational relaxation or simply some gentle grooves away from the chaos, the layout of these two carefully arranged albums will be there for you every step of the way.

You can purchase your album here:


All tracks written and produced by Gabriel Le Mar at Gab’s Lab Frankfurt. 

CD includes a bonus disc of beatless mixes.

Stay safe everyone.



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