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Elisha Blue

We are all saddened today to learn of the passing of a very talented artist, Elisha Blue. His humour, his talent, his sound. God rest your soul.

Photograph: Elisha Blue

Elisha Blue was of this time but his voice was unbreakably timeless. Hearing him perform the blues and sing those husky perfect Chicago vibrations that traversed into the space was such a pleasure. He had a sound. A sound that defied all ages past and he gave it to the present. The man was so incredibly talented. Hearing Elisha perform a live set was unforgettable. Blue was a regular at the much loved venue “The Paradise” in Kilburn where he did a weekly gig hosted by Wade Bayliss. I remember Blue telling me that “The Rolling Stones” were a big fan of his music. Well there you go. Talent respects talent when it sees it.

Photograh: Elisha Blue

In 1985 Blue played his 12 string guitar on a Virgin Airway’s flight in exchange for his ticket to London !

Photograph: Elisha Blue

We hosted Blue at one of my favourite venues on the planet that is here in London, Putney Pies. This was around 2016. Matt Barr and his wife Dorothee own the place and have given us all some memorable nights that we are all humbly and immensely grateful for. To maintain a successful London venue the way they have at Putney Pies is an achievement in itself. Respect.

Gig Poster: Elisha Blue gig at Putney Pies 2016

For about a year I hosted  “Gem Rey Wednesday’s” or “Wicked Wednesday’s” we used to call them. It was a lovely time in the middle of the week to get away from it all for a Summer’s evening by the Thames or a rainy November cosy dinner. We invited Elisha to do a gig a few times. When he’d performed previously with the whole band and that powerful voice he nearly blew the roof off the place! We all loved it. For the next occasion I requested that he did this gig just him. Solo. Acoustic. Just a man with a guitar. Blue was a little unsure as I guess he felt a duty to his band, but he also knew where we were coming from and so he agreed. 

“Just me?” He asked.

“Just you”. I said. 

Photograph: Elisha Blue

We did a photoshoot outside before the gig. Elisha got on the mic and started his set. Honestly? You had to pinch yourself to check that Hendrix hadn’t just walked in. Quite phenomenal. You can say to people, “He’s like Hendrix!” But no one really understands what an artist has to give until they experience it for themselves. The soul, the emotion and the talent he effortlessly gave to the room, we have all been very blessed to have been a part of those musical times in his company. A lot of laughs too. He was grateful at the end of his set and thanked us for asking him to perform in this solo acoustic style. I recall he was very quiet after this particular gig as it was clearly more emotional for him performing solo. He deeply connected to his music.

Photograph: Elisha Blue

I recall one August bank holiday weekend at the Notting Hill carnival. I stopped by to visit DJ & Producer Konal. Elisha had been working with Konal on a few records and they gave us all a listen to these excellent new tracks. The stories, the laughs, the music. Thank you guys.

Photograph: Elisha Blue & DJ Konal

This is sad news today. He will be missed by so many. Our thoughts and condolences to his family at this time. 

Photograph: Elisha Blue

God bless your soul Elisha Blue

Stay safe everyone. Stay strong.

Let gratitude, perspective, love & grace be with you in all things.