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Lamborghini Huracan

When I first saw this car I must admit I wasn’t that fussed about it. I mean, I appreciated that it’s a beast of a machine, and I couldn’t begin to design something like that myself. Being a classic car enthusiast I just don’t get that excited about modern cars. There is also an element of pretence that comes with a supercar due to the stereotype of people who attempt to drive around in them. They all fall into the same category that is in my opinion, a bit of a twat. Now, on the other hand, I’m always willing to be proven wrong.

“So, I’ve got to make the doors of a Huracan open upwards.” Rob said.
“Ok…Is that not what they usually do?” I asked.
“No.” Rob replied.
“They open outwards like most cars. Its other models such as the Aventador and the Diablo that have scissor doors.” Rob continued.
“How are you going to do that?” I asked.
Rob was quiet as he focused and read through a few diagrams. He looked thoughtful as he gazed around the workshop. As he looked, it was as though the space and the cars spoke back to him. This is a man who’s language is wholeheartedly at one with metal, oil, paint and the sound of an engine. He listens to them, he understands them, and they listen to him too.
“Only one other person in the UK has done it.” Rob said as he looked up and his eyes looked right into mine with a look that spoke decibels of knowledge, drive, wisdom and a flicker of what seemed to say ‘challenge’. His mind ticks with so much more than I could comprehend as his knowledge runs through the power of his ancestral pathways. Pure and refined craftsmen. He was building a Mini with his Father at only 4 years of age. His Grandfather and Father both of whom are greatly missed have passed on their wisdom and it is exciting seeing how Rob works. The first time I met Rob it didn’t take long for me to understand that I was in the presence of a true artist.
Over the coming weeks various parcels arrived from the US, then one morning, so did the car.

A bit of background for you. A gentleman who goes by the name “Mr O” or Ollie as we like to call him, purchased the car in 2020. This Lamborghini Huracan was built in 2015. He bought this machine with the intention of customising it as he has done in the past with his previous cars such as an Aston Martin DB11, Maserati Gran Turismo and a Noble M12. Working in construction by day, this is proving to be a very interesting hobby indeed.

Image © Gem Rey. Ollie purchased the plate “V10 TWT”. The ‘TWT’ stands for Twin Turbo, but there does seem to be room for a bit of a joke. Ollie added a bolt on there so it might also read TW.T

It is amazing how a car can quickly become a real personality. I felt I was literally ‘getting to know’ her. Intrigued to learn some more, I asked Rob Smith, (Classic & Custom Works) how this all came about.

“I first met Ollie when he brought the Huracan up for an estimate to repair stone chip damage to the front of her. He’d been recommended to come and see me by the trimmer as we’d worked together before. When she first came in to get the stone chip work carried out she was a basic car with no carbon fibre parts and the body was all one colour. It was while she was in he asked us to paint the boot lid and roof gloss black, visually lowering the car and giving her an already meaner stance. 
Next he approached me and asked if I’d be willing to change the wings and bonnet for carbon fibre parts which I agreed to. When she came in this time she had a carbon body kit and rear spoiler fitted making her look like a different car with a definite “ bite you “ look.
The bonnet arrived and I added a 6mm black stripe painted around the edge and accents in black painted in the scoop area, then lacquered and polished so the stripe could not be felt. The wings were not such an easy task as the first set that turned up didn’t fit for toffee and were quickly returned as it was clear Ollie wanted a quality build with nice gaps and fitment all round. Another set turned up later from a different source that fitted very well with only minor fettling, which left us to paint the main body of the wing grey to match the car. Again with a 6mm black stripe painted to separate the carbon vents from the main colour.
The next job he approached me for was a little different. My task was to fit scissor doors as the Huracan didn’t have that style fitted. This was done using a kit from America, an angle grinder and a lot of finger crossing. Obviously when I was asked to do the job the reply was a simple, “Yeah why not!” What actually went on behind closed doors was far from calm.
The job needed fettling again and a few mods doing, (not to mention angle grinding the edge of the door off!) 
Since completing the doors we’ve put 6mm stripes around the carbon rear bumper and front air intakes.
I found the Huracan a rather practical car for such an outrageous car, and surprisingly nice to work on.”
~ Rob Smith. Classic & Custom Works.

Gem Rey

The fine lines and the spaces around the doors, wings, and all the edgings are incredibly important. 1mm out and you’ll know about it. Everything has to be exact. There’s no going back once you’ve started to make all these adjustments. Rob’s work speaks for itself. The man is a genius. The Huracan has managed to gain its own following. People are marveling at the custom works bringing a quality of stylish individuality.
“99% of people engage and compliment the car for what it is. The occasional 1% appear but look at an un modified one if that’s their preference.” Ollie said.

Since its original design, cosmetically there are a few changes.

1. Lamborghini Centenario inspired body kit costing of front skirt and side skirts.
2. Rear wing spoiler.
3. Replacement single piece carbon fibre bumper.
4. Replacement single piece carbon bonnet.
5. Carbon fibre front wings.
6. Extra wide offset wheels to fill the arches.

“Mechanically it has a twin turbo kit bolted to the existing base Lamborghini engine to provide 30% more than a standard engine.” Ollie explained.

It takes some doing to embark upon completely altering a car worth over £100,000.00 Those doors now rise like wings. It’s certainly a bit of a gamble to start changing a supercar from its original specification. There is a fine line between tacky and awful vs maintaining unique sophistication and class. I asked Ollie if he felt the modifications have improved the car. He replied with:
“Yes. I think it makes the car look unique and stand out from the rest. The colour and modifications, although quite extensive, add a subtle but quite aggressive look.”

Gem Rey

William Orbit known all around the world for his iconic multiple award winning contributions to music (Madonna, Britney Spears, PINK!, All Saints) expressed an interest in the car and was keen to come and see it for himself. I heard that Ollie was thinking of selling her, so we got ourselves into gear. One rather freezing cold Friday afternoon in December, William Orbit visited the workshop. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the cosy Buckinghamshire “Hit or Miss” pub. Ollie arrived and the car was ready and waiting. You may not know this but William is a major car enthusiast. His technical mind and love of sound are clearly a great combination for appreciating a car.

Gem Rey

Here is what he had to say.

“I love fumes. Petrol. The noise. Love great design. Have to say was just
walking back from the shops tonight and watched two of the most ugly and
limp car shapes pass me. What happened?
I’m a Ferrari. That is my maternal name. My Grandfather was from a small
village in Tuscany, could barely read, but had a gift for auto
mechanics. The steel heart of a machine. The gearing. Torque”

What was your first impression when you saw the Huracan?

“The noise! Was satisfyingly deep for my bass loving ears.”

What did you like most about it?

“The doors. Making them go up like that, when out of the factory they
were just the usual door ballistics. Must have taken some serious
physical engineering. Love hardcore details like that.
Plus a few more mph on the factory spec. Wahey!”

You went for a drive in the car, how was that for you?

“Sport gearing” What the . . . ! Like a sentient being in the cogs, to
feel millisecond motor thrust as intuitive to the moment as that. A joy.
And my back pressed into the seat.

Gem Rey

If you could have any car, what would you choose?

“An old hooptie 1940s US pickup with major hot rodding so can fuck
everybody off at the lights. Plus a 73 Dodge Charger with a major sound
system parked at the back.”

Without giving too much away, if you were to customise a car whether
practical or fantasy, what style of car would you go for?

“A bit Mad Max, and a bit old tractor (need to have a high sightline as
my eyes are a bit shit for 3D.”

Well now that sounds like a pretty amazing project! What a lovely gentleman he is. Such an interesting mind. Maximum respect.
Thank you William Orbit.

Gem Rey

Gem Rey

We learned the Huracan has gone from 610hp to 900hp at the engine and around 830bhp at the wheel. Like a wild spirit that cannot be caged, this really is a phenomenal piece of car.

With the work now complete I was curious to know if Ollie was glad he’d persevered and had the work done. He replied with:

“Absolutely. Customisation is the piece I enjoy. It allows me to create something already elegant and add my vision to it. There is quite an extensive market of parts so there is a lot of choice but the combination of multiple accessories from various parts of the globe allow for a personal customised look.”

The Huracan was put up for sale on Monday 20th December 2021 and sold within an hour for it’s asking price of £170,000.00

“This is the first one to go publicly to sale with a TT kit on it in the UK. It definitely adds an element of value but only to a specific market.” Ollie said.

Gem Rey

Gem Rey

I think it is fair to say that this car has been turned into a very fine piece. I am told Ollie is already embarking upon his next project. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Huracan and I am delighted that it won me over. A very loved and beautiful car indeed.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Here’s to a healthy and happy new year for us all.

With special thanks to:

Classic & Custom Works
William Orbit

Let Music Be Your Tribe

Images © Gem Rey
Film : © Gem Rey
Music : © William Orbit

For custom enquiries please contact Classic & Custom Works via their website. “It doesn’t harm to ask.”


Gem Rey

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