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We truly are living in cosmic times! Summer of Love 2020 has certainly found its place. The roaring 20’s are loud and strong. Downloads are in abundance. These may be tough times, but they are also powerful. Challenges bring clarity and unity. Through the chaos, good vibes are there for those who seek them, for those who listen. Good vibes only. The universe is home, and music is the universal language that so beautifully and purely stands in all it’s rapture. The foundation is yielded and flowing.

On this special solstice and eclipse weekend we find ourselves in, 20th June 2020 has marked in my opinion a time in history. Those who shine brightly know the way. This was an absolutely unforgettable and much needed gathering through what better way of putting it… the internet ! We are people who gather in fields and dance under the light of the moon, together, as one. In these testing times we are parted, yet through the greater pathways of these technologies, being together has been made possible. Thanks to SLAB and the team who clearly worked incredibly hard to put this together, for free ! This brought artists and like minded beings together on a global scale. The day opened with yoga with Jed Fox to bless the day and release the pressure, equalise the mind. Set the flow.

Jed Fox – Morning Yoga

Followed by talks and discussions by some of the industries finest. DF Tram live set from Croatia, Esperanza Romero live from Santa Fe, Nick Fudge talking to the lovely Lisa Azarmi, Georgina Brett bringing her beautiful heavenly “ambient modular choirs” to the mix. The legendary Alan McGee and Dave Haslam talking with Youth & Giles Sibbald about the rave scene, acid house and this revolutionary time. Toby Andersen performed live ambient piano. His album is completely amazing, check it out. The talented artist that is Emma Watkinson doing live art and speaking about esoteric and visionary art. John Robb – Membranes, Louder Than War speaking live with Brix Smith Start (Extricated, The Fall).

Brix Smith Start – The Fall

Brix has been embracing lockdown and given herself the opportunity to nurture what she does. Along side this she is creating a new album with Youth that came together through the cosmos – they have never actually met ! We are all looking forward to hearing what these two are going to bring us.

Merry McCloud and Bruce Welch acid folk set.

Merry McCloud & Bruce Welch

Tom Hodgkinson of the highly acclaimed magazine and now festival “The Idler” chatted to Youth and Lisa Azarmi about the situation we all find ourselves in.

Tom Hodgkinson – The Idler

Festivals and the counter culture we live for. The future is bright. The chaos shall pass.

Jessica Sheppard live from Spain. She paints beautiful works of flowers and gave us a delightful live viewing of her latest piece. Pansies. Explaining her tequniques. Her honesty regarding the way lockdown has impacted her artistic flow.

Jessica Sheppard

Paul Carter Robinson & Darren Coffield Brought us a live discussion on the arts and these unusual times.

The heavens opened and the air waves were blessed by the stunning vibes of Violeta Vicci. Live from somewhere so incredibly beautiful you just want to do a “Mary Poppins” and jump right in to the scene. Violeta has been doing live streams throughout lockdown and she is continuing to do so. These really are not to be missed. Her track, “Primavera” I have personally put on repeat many times and just let the charm, grace and emotion of the sound wash through the presence of the space. She is actually doing a live set as I write on this Sunday evening. Love it.

Violeta Vicci

A rather special addition to this SLAB festival was the presence of none other than the Godfather of Trance, the light and soul of the sound, the inspiration and the wisdom of what he has carved the way for throughout an extremely dedicated and powerful life in music. Raja Ram.

Raja Ram

Raja Ram was abroad in Brazil as we went into lockdown. His natural high energy and sense of humour invigorates all who know him. His ability to party puts everyone else to shame. Coming up to his 80th year, a true legend. Joined by another incredibly talented artist, Nik Turner of Hawkwind ! With thanks to Kayvon TV who led some discussions with Youth and Lisa Azarmi we then had a live jam by Raja Ram, Nik Turner and Bruce Welch. A treat to be able to see these artists together like this.

Kayvon TV
Nik Turner – Hawkwind
Bruce Welch

John Constable aka John Crow performed a psychedelic solo reading of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This was most entertaining.

Story Time with John Constable

Live from “The Book and Record Bar”, West Norwood we had a 60’s psych DJ set by Michael Johnson. Cranking the vibes. As the day turned to evening the music gathered momentum. Live from London LX Paterson – The Orb brought us an excellent DJ set. He set the tone, opened the gates and the Zoom parties got lively in the living rooms and the party began.

LX Paterson – The Orb

Seeing everyone dancing around at home, in the garden, fancy dress. It’s a delight to see how music is connecting and continuing to thrive and shine.

Simon Posford (Shpongle, Hallucinogen) live from his studio performed a set. With hints of the Younger Brother track “I am a Freak” merging in and out of the mixes. Simon’s talented assistant Jamie Grashion to hand (Cosmic Trigger). A wonderful set. The live viewings just kept growing.

Simon Posford
Simon Posford

The evening progressed from here in full swing with Supercozi live from the South of France, Greg Dread (Dreadzone) live from London. Libby Laws from Bristol, Mixmaster Morris live set from London. Lockdown TV hosted The Egg at 11pm! Incredible set up with so much care for the artists for social distancing and PPE.

Gabriel Le Mar
Mixmaster Morris
Legendary Producer John Leckie watching on Zoom

Gabriel Le Mar live acid DJ set from Frankfurt. Youth then took to the decks and did a live DJ set from the stunning Space Mountain surging the sounds into the new light of June 21st 2020. Solstice blessings one and all.

Greg Dread – Dreadzone
So much fun.
Party on Zoom
Mike Coles giving us the most incredible VJ ! Amazing.
Lisa Azarmi using her own art piece as her Zoom backdrop. Loved this.
Rob Steel – Respect
Chilling out in the garden to the best music on the planet
Solstice Blessings
Supercozi live from South of France

To keep up with South London International Arts Lab – SLAB check them out on facebook

What more could anyone ask for? When is the next one! We are all ready.

Respect to Youth ! You rocked it.

Youth live from Space Mountain.

Thank you. Stay safe. Let the universe guide you. Always be wild.



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