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Fat Freddy’s Drop Live from Wellington 2020

It’s Saturday 25th July 2020. We are all globally united in these strange times. Today, thank goodness for Fat Freddy’s Drop who decided to gift the world with their presence, their sound, their vibe. This gig was filmed in Wellington, NZ. A beautiful set up. It must have been pretty unusual for the band to be performing to a large empty theatre, though greatly inspirational with the knowledge that they were bringing their blessed vibrations to hundreds and thousands of individuals around the world. Quite a beautiful reality in that way to be honest.

Joe Dukie

The lighting had a lovely golden tone to it. The wooden surroundings of the MFC, the brass instruments, Hills Hats and some much loved Freddy’s smiles on those faces. Good times.

Fat Freddy’s Drop

MC Slave came on set to open the show with “Special Edition”. So for me it was a definite dance around my kitchen this morning while eating my porridge as this was 10am on my Saturday UK time! Dallas / “Joe Dukie” sang a new version of “This Room” which worked really beautifully.

Hopepa wearing Hills Hats

The way this gig was filmed really helped to keep the viewer close. Lovely angles capturing the instruments, the calm, the intensity and the grins that simply said it all.

Joe Dukie

“HOPE” is such a powerful track anyway, but I have to say it has really stood out and come into it’s own in 2020. It was released back in 2005 on the album “Based on a True Story”. It’d be a good No.1 for 2020 don’t you think? Dallas took to social media during those first extremely quiet weeks of lockdown and did some live mixes for us all. The lyric of this track seemed to penetrate across the skies. So well chosen in the message. The lyric:

“I love the music

I love the music

The music in me

Music in you

Music can be

Something we do

Music is good

Music is right

Music can stand sure

Right through the night

Music can keep you

Safe from harm

In her beautiful arms

It’s the thing we do

It’s the thing we do

It’s the thing that we do

It’s the thing I do to get me through.”

Fat Freddy’s Drop

You could feel the atmosphere in that room leaping out of the screen.

“It’s the thing I do to get me through…”

The brass rhythm section in this track seemed to particularly get me this time around. The way Hopepa, Chopper Reeds and Tony Chang find their flow in each others musical pathways is really lovely to see. I mean ‘wow’. Playing music to them is like breathing. It was incredible. The quality of the harmonies, the knowing when to really give it some and when to ease off and give space to the sound. DJ Fitchie, Kuki Blaze, Ned Ngatae, they are all musically blessed. Joining the stage as a special guest vocalist for “Hope” was Lisa Tomlins. Lisa and Dallas and all of Fat Freddy’s Drop really brought us all something special today.

Lisa Tomlins

It was a great start to my day seeing this gig. Loved it. I think they loved it too as there was a definite cheer in the air. I’m not sure who it was, perhaps Dallas’ son? Who came running onto the stage to give him a big hug. He had some pretty cool dance grooves going on to the side of the stage for the rest of the gig too! Respect.

Kuki Blaze

The new track “Soldier” brought some powerful and strong heart and soul with its delivery. So I’d say there are some more exciting new tunes coming our way at some stage. Each member of this band is a shining light of talent. I didn’t want the gig to end. There will be a second showing of this on Sunday 26th July 8am NZST so that’s 9pm Saturday night BST…tonight! If you missed it, or if you’d like to go in for round two here in the UK and get your evening groove on then go to the YouTube channel for Fat Freddy’s Drop

DJ Fitchie

This gig was performed by Joe Dukie, DJ Fitchie, Kuki Blaze, Tony Chang, Ned Ngatae, Chopper Reeds, Hopepa and MC Slave.

Set list:

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Set List

Thank you guys! This was a refined and top class show. We look forward to seeing you all in person whenever that will be. For now, stay safe.

Oh and before you go, check out the shoes…




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