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What’s On…

So it’s been quite a life changing time for us all on a global scale these past few weeks of #lockdown2020 Usually by mid May we would all be merrily on our way into music festival mode, and an array of London or local gigs to attend. We may have all been striving to use our phones less and meet in person more, but lockdown has certainly caused a necessary shift to using our phones and technology a lot more in order to simply ‘connect’. There has been the most incredible amount of ‘free’ gigs on tap throughout this time from a vast amount of talented and spirited individuals. A great contrast away from the chaos.

Music is the answer. So, what have we been listening to? Here are some of our favourites from this somewhat challenging time.


Each week the genius that is Matt Black has been making an appearance online doing a two hour live set via the Coldcut facebook page with “Pirate TV” – which has made a natural come back due to these apocolyptic times since they started this back in 1998. What’s really lovely about the way Matt does his shows, is that he naturally tries to teach and inspire as he goes along. With the recent launch of the Jamm Pro software by Ninja Jam, Matt has been showcasing this infinite masterpiece as he DJ’s. “I’ve created a monster!” Matt said as he laughed while finding his way through his own creation. Matt then say’s “Right, I’m going to take you on a journey”… and he brings in his track and the vibes build. Once he has reached his fill of that track and whole heartedly delivered something amazing, he stops and say’s “Ok, let’s go in a different direction now. Let’s bring in some techno!” Lift off. He is phenomenal to watch. Both fascinating and fun. The visuals used along side his sets, the stories and historical chat that Matt delivers make these an insightful treat to be able to watch, learn and listen to.

Matt also made an appearance for the online SLAB Lockdown festival (more on this below) last weekend and performed seriously incredible live set. We loved it. Words from the man himself:

” I wonder when we are all going to see each other, together in one sweaty room. In the mean time, let’s stay connected, mind to mind”. Matt Black

Next Live Stream: Tonight 9pm (UK time) May 16th 2020. Twitch Link


Soundcloud Link HERE

Live from Italy DJ Josko (Giorgio Gatti) started out lockdown by performing a 1 to 2 hour set each Thursday night. Initially facebook kept shutting them down, but as time has gone on, the sets are getting through and these performances are really not something you want to miss. They have definitely been a highlight for us. You never know what Josko is going to play, but you know it’s going to be good. To have this kind of opportunity to listen to these kinds of top class professional DJ’s in the comfort of your own home without paying to see them at a festival or gig really is unusual. With the current climate as it is, not everyone has been able to get hold of the equipment they need to be able to do a live stream. Josko used the initiative and did a crowd funding campaign to raise some money to get a pair of CDJ’s so he can continue to do his work in this way. He achieved this from the love and support of his fans. Keep flying Josko.


Youth has been doing some live streams from his beautiful home studios at Space Mountain in Spain. So keep an eye out for when he does his next one. There have been weekdays and Sunday sessions so check it out.

SLAB ~ South London Arts Lab

SLAB Lockdown Festival took place at the May bank holiday weekend. This was a free online festival via facebook and Zoom. Put together by life time achievement award winning music producer “Youth” (Killing Joke, The Orb, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney). Featuring live DJ sets, yoga and talks. A featured talk by legendary Brit Award winning music producer “John Leckie” (The Stone Roses, Radiohead). A strong line up of DJ sets by The Orb, Gaudi, Juno Reactor, Dreadzone, DF Tram, Matt Black, Youth, The Egg, Mixmaster Morris. Respect. With a few technical glitches to get the live streams happening, a few of the main headliners didn’t play, but we have no doubt that they will be back and when they are, this is not something you will want to miss. Link HERE


There have been live song writing sessions on instagram with Gareth Lightbody, the lead singer of Snow Patrol. Gary got the viewers to write down lyrics on the live feed, and he wrote down about 4 – 6 pages worth of them, some pretty hilarious ones too. Then he would sign off and come back in an hour having written a song with as many of the lyrics provided by his fans as possible. Really lovely to watch.


Lockdown inspired Guy to reach out to his fans and he has been doing a series of ‘Lockdown Licks’ on YouTube. Talking through the history of how some of the famous tracks that he has played the bass on came about. He then performs the track with a focus on the bassline and provides some teaching afterwards. A really inspirational and informative session for any aspiring talent, or musical fan to see how it is done. If you’re going to learn, then you might as well learn from the very best.

Link to Guy’s YouTube channel HERE


The immensely talented psy-trance producer Simon Posford has been busy in the studio creating a series of new tracks “On A Rainy Day”. Soundcloud HERE These are a little different to his Shpongle style. With feelings of nature, space, time. An ethereal tribal unification of sound from the beginning of time, like a forgotten echo that is now raising it’s light with a powerful rhythm to the present. With a focus on meditation, these 20 – 40 minute musical journeys are a welcome tincture during such a phenomenally life changing time that we all find ourselves in. Check them out.


Check out these two DJ’s who have been playing various sets on Mutha FM. Alex is every Sunday at 3pm “RADIO LOVE” – Live from South Africa. You can see his soundcloud HERE

DJ Stretch – Find him on facebook to see when the next session will be. His latest release was a beautiful remix of “Runaway Train” for Boy George Ft Gladys Knight. Spotify Link HERE


New Zealand producer Daimon Schwalger ~ THE NOMAD has done a series of live lockdown shows on his facebook live stream. The visuals are always really excellent along with the tracks. We had some epic parties back in Wellington around 2001 when the music scene was vastly expanding. Fat Freddy’s Drop and Salmonella Dub were gigging in the streets and Daimon was ‘The” DJ in town. It was quite a time. Music is the answer. Check him out. The Nomad. Respect.


If there is just one track that you have time to listen to today, let it be this one. Soothing sounds for the soul. A rhythmic journey to New Zealand through the air waves for the velvet sounds of Joe Dukie – lead singer for Fat Freddy’s Drop Performing a jam of “HOPE”. It’s just perfect. Check out his instagram page too for some more live streams and new lockdown vibrations. Link HERE


Our final mention here is for this particular producer who has succeeded in bringing us some welcome humour to his lockdown live sets along side some excellent tracks. Using cassettes to really bring the eclectic reggae dub beats and bass to these performances, and the much loved theremin that has almost become like a signature sound to his name. During Gaudi’s live streams he is always happily accompanied by a ‘good glass of red wine’, his lovely girlfriend “Lulu”, and we have noticed, a crackly packet of Walkers Crisps…! As he raised his glass of wine to his viewers with gratitude, he then devoured his delicious crisps. Gaudi scrunchled the packet into the mic and used this sound in his live mix. It was both genius and hilarious all at once. For me personally, I laughed out loud ! Move over Gary Lineker, I think your Walkers Crisps adverts just got some good company!

We may not be photographing gigs or festivals anymore, but, we did manage to get this one from the set to show you as a feature today. Yes, that is a packet of “Wotsits” in Gaudi’s mouth…! Don’t change Gaudi. RESPECT.

GAUDI – Live Cassette Dub Extravaganza

Gaudi will be playing his next set on Tuesday 19th May at 19:00 – 20:30 (UK Time). Link HERE

Stay safe everyone.



  • 18th May 2020

    Matt Black


    Bless you Gem a great roundup to check out most of which I wasn’t aware of

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